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"Last year my daughter bought me wonderful goat milk cream from France and I have been trying to find a source to buy more since it was so wonderful.  As soon as I tried your cream, I realized that I could stop my search." - Fern, Washington, DC 

“I have purchased the lotions and soaps from your farm and love them! They smell great and leave your skin soft and silky! I am 58 years old and my wrinkles have improved simply from the use of this fantastic product.” –Dayton, OH

    “I ordered two bars of soap the week before last. They arrived promptly, smelled DELICIOUS and made wonderful Christmas gifts. I have a goat myself, so I wanted to support another local goat owner. I am so happy I did. Thank you for the sample, too!” –Chris in Brandywine, MD

      “I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Lotion. My son has dry skin, especially on his hands. It gets so bad that his skin is hard and scaly, and cracks and bleeds often. We have tried tons of different product in an effort to find something that helps this condition. I am so excited that we have now found something that actually works!"

        "Thank you so much for creating a fabulous product that provides moisture to my son’s skin. He won’t have to hide his hands anymore, as he has been embarrassed at how they look, and people think he gets into fights since his knuckles are always bloody. I’m now looking forward to trying your bath bars to see if we all get improved skin.” – Valerie, VA

          "We recently moved to northern VA from the west coast and discovered Amalthea Ridge's wonderful soaps and lotions at a local market. There is a large variety of scents and formulations that address specific skin types -- something for everyone. (I travel a lot and pack a bar to enjoy some small luxury while on the road.). These goat milk products are truly artisan masterpieces by a talented local entrepreneur. I am a big fan and plan to make them my theme gifts for the year." – Dawn, Great Falls, VA

            "I have extreme skin allergies. Recently my skin on my neck, face, and chest developed a severe rash after exposure to an allergen. I saw the Doctor and got steroid cream but my skin was so dry it looked and felt burned. I used the Gardner's Green Thumb Rescue lotion on the rash and within one week my skin was soft and not itchy any longer. I was so delighted to find anything that offered some relief so I came back to buy soap, lip balm, and more! thanks for your wonderful Products!" – Anonymous, Great Falls, VA

              "I bought a small bottle of the Gardeners green thumb rescue lotion at the farmers market in Alexandria and let me tell you... This lotion is superb. It has a wonderful, creamy texture that moisturizer my hands so quickly and yet doesn't leave them greasy. And it has a great perfume, fresh and light. It's addictive. I love the fact that it's all natural and locally made. It's really what artisan products are meant to be." - Anne, Alexandria, VA

                "This is THE best lotion for parched, itchy skin. My hands insist that I start using it the minute the humidity drops, because my knuckles get dry, red, and painfully tight. The lotion immediately soaks in and stops that painful tightness-- and a little goes a long way. Plus, the scent is deliciously addictive and you will find yourself sniffing your hand every five minutes. I love it! Thank you, Amalthea Ridge!" - Beth

                "My husband and I were on a vacation and visited your booth in Old Town Alexandria at the farmers market.  We ended up buying 2 of your bars. So far we have tried the Sandalwood Shampoo Bar and this is why I am writing to you.  My hair tends to be very thin, limp and gets greasy easily.  I like volumizing shampoos but they tend to leave my hair and scalp super dry and not mention full of chemicals.  I started using your bar 3 weeks ago and I thought wow this is really great.  I never thought it would keep making my hair feel better and better. I absolutely love your shampoo bar! It not only gives my hair a nice amount of volume but my hair feels healthy and my scalp doesn't feel dry and my hair doesn't get greasy as fast. I love that there are so few ingredients and they are all natural and healing.  Thank you so much for making such a reliable product.  I am hooked and can't wait to try some of your other products!" - Maryann

                  "This really helped keep my face clear"

                  "My one year old had patches of eczema all over their body. After less than a week of using Oh Baby, all the patches were gone and the skin was back to being baby smooth. With our home's hard water, we plan to continue using this lotion after every bath. 100% recommended by this mom :)"

                  "Hi Sarah & Keyvan! I am reordering the shave cream, and getting some new items to try. I was a bit skeptical about the shave cream at first, but once I used it a few times, my store-bought shave cream remains unused and in the cabinet.  This cream is easy on my face, and the bentonite clay does a great job preparing the whiskers for shaving. Following directions on the jar is important for the best shave, especially applying the cream "against the grain" of the beard." - Bob, Ohio