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Our Company & Philosophy

At Amalthea Ridge we combine art and science to develop skincare that works.  We use the latest science and our homestead fresh goat milk to bring you skin supporting products. Our creations are formulated from scratch by the owner and PhD biochemist according to the latest research, then produced in a manner that ensures the utmost quality.  Our formulations are rich yet beautifully light on your skin.

These are the principles that guide our business:

  • Stay close to nature. We believe the closer to nature you stay, the better the product will be for you and the Earth. But, we won't mislead you and say all natural things are good for you. They are not, and we keep that in mind when formulating products. Safety and efficacy are our number one priorities.
  • We believe science has an integral part to play in ensuring quality and safety of products, but that it is a two edged sword that must be wielded with care. This is where a Ph.D. biochemist as chief formulator comes in so handy! Every ingredient we use is carefully researched. We use every Amalthea Ridge product on ourselves and our kids without hesitation!
  • Our products are hand-crafted.  We feel every product is a work of art. Skin care products from Amalthea Ridge provide a carefully engineered sensory experience that will leave you clean, silky smooth, moisturized, and soothed to the core!
  • We do not skimp on the milk!  Goat milk is a hot item right now in skin care. Most milk products on the commercial market don’t contain that much milk or it is generally from old or dried milk which have their own problems.  Many products are watered down to increase profits.  We use the maximum amount of goat milk possible in each of our products so your skin will get the maximum benefit!
  • We support organic farmers.  As a small producer it is nearly impossible to find organic varieties of all the materials we use in our products, but we use them whenever possible. Using organic ingredients is less about what is actually in the products (there is not enough scientific data to make that determination yet), and more about supporting a more sustainable way of life for the entire planet. That's fundamental to our company ethos! Our milk is not certified organic, but our goats are fed certified organic feed and we source our hay locally from farmers we know personally. 
  • We support local producers.  We first seek out local providers for our supply needs before shipping ingredients. USA made is always our first choice. 
  • We utilize eco-conscious packaging!  If we use plastic, it is recyclable  (#2, 4 & 5). Our cello bags are compostable. Our paper products and boxes are post consumer products and can be recycled. Our labels are usually made of rocks. Yep, rocks...