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Want to learn about the art of making soap?   Want to give someone a wonderful unique hand made gift?  Or, do you want to participate in a fun activity with friends and family? 

You have come to the perfect place.  We partner with local businesses and hold classes that teach you about the process of making soap and familiarize you with the types of ingredients that are optimal for skincare.  Depending on the class, you may even find the opportunity to learn about floral design and other crafts.

If you do not see any available classes below then send us an email at and we will schedule one for you!

CLICK HERE to read our mandatory policies before attending the class.

NOTE:  Please note that these classes are hands-on.  This means that the price accounts for ingredients, supplies, and in some cases food.

Below are the list of classes that are currently offered.  Please click on each class to check for availability. 

(It may take a few seconds for the classes to load below)