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About Us

Amalthea Ridge is a family-centric small business started by Sarah Keyvan. This is our story:

We moved to Great Falls, Virginia in the late 2000′s right before our first baby was born. Sarah, having been raised in the farmlands of Ohio, couldn’t let a few acres just sit there and be unproductive when it held so much potential.

Soon organic vegetable gardens emerged along with plans for bigger and better things. First it was turkeys, then a few chickens for fresh eggs. Then one day, she happened across an ad for some dairy goats for sale. It seemed like the perfect addition to our little homestead–fresh, organic milk and homemade cheese for our baby. We brought two goats home much to Keyvan’s surprise. Our daughter named them Babe and Baby, and life hasn’t been the same since.

We unwittingly purchased some very productive animals and quickly found ourselves swimming in milk. To use up the excess, Sarah started making soaps and lotions. Her training and experience as a biochemist helps her formulate soaps and lotions for specific needs and with specific features (like super bubbly or regenerating for very dry skin).

Our friends and family were amazed at the quality of our unique hand-crafted soaps and lotions and urged us to start selling them, so Amalthea Ridge was born.  Thanks to his IT background, Keyvan has worked on constructing our e-commerce site and, in between times, upgrading our goat housing and fencing. It has been a continuous steep learning curve for us these past few years, but it has been incredibly fun. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our family and our goats!

Here is how we started and bit about our thoughts process for making our products: