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Building with Biology...A Review

Posted by Amalthea Ridge on

Our Building with Biology Event at Great Falls Library was really fun! About 70 students visited to talk about how genetic material works and how synthetic biology can be used to solve problems. 

It is always interesting to talk to students of vastly different age groups about the same topic.  Younger kids had fewer data points to draw from, but that didn't stop them from jumping in to solve the problem and coming up with some approaches that had not occurred to me! 

NISE did a great job putting together the six stations students worked through, including building your own super hero, seeing DNA, and designing an organism using a predefined 'kit of partsd' to create plastics or life saving drugs . I also applaud their initiative in finding ways to bring scientists and the pubic into contact for important conversations like this one. It doesn't happen often enough. Scientists are prone to living in the proverbial ivory tower and science literacy in the general public is pretty low. These groups need to talk! 

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is incredibly important for the future of our planet, so more STEM events are in the works from Amalthea Ridge. We are planning to host another Building with Biology event if you missed out on this one! Details are in the works. Sign up for our newsletter or check in on our website and on the library event page for updates! 

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